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GARDEN AS AN UTOPIA, Work in progress

2021 > ...

Parcels, The garden as an Utopia (work in progress) is a proposal of  a garden photosensitive plants for Anthotype's process that is not in any place.  drawing it, making a plan, a map, thinking the garden.  I started the project with some workshops about photography and a residency in Fresing/Germany at Schafhof. The panel of colours comes from photosensitive plants almost collected on the roadsides, The gardens of Weihenstephan (with the Institut für GartenBau)and the notably on a wasteland sports ground which would be the ideal place for this garden. It is a reference to the Digger, the first English anarchist squatter group. During my stay i also re-visited the old medicinal plant garden in Dachau, which made under the Nazis period and called by the prisoners of the camp, Plantage, that's part of these process of the project about reconsidering a garden


Parcels, The Garden as an Utopia, plant juices on paper, photography, notes, variable dimension



Work in progress



-Artist in Residence FOCUS, Europaïsche Künstler Haus Schafhof, 2022 (De)

-RETOUR AMONT, group exhibition with Catherine Beaugrand, Tiny Domingos, Sebastien Pons, Gaby Schultze) curator Valérie Leray for La mire's collective,   Rosalux, Berlin, 2022 (De)

-Fragmented World, FOCUS > EUROPE IV, 2023 (De),

group exhibition with Maria Berauer (OBB in AT) Miguel Gomez (IT) Valerie Leray (FR), Robert Keil (OBB in HU), Anna Kostiuk (UA), Olexa Mann (UA), Oleksandr Sirous (UA), Julia Smirnova (OBB in FR), Carmen Toscano (IT), Ádám Varga (HU).


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